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Writing Music

So Peter Gabriel’s STEAM has me in the mood to write but I’m wishing for some Steampunk inspired music. The question is, What does Steampunk inspired music sound like and who are the artist? I love Frenchy and the Punk but they aren’t available on Pandora. What artist(s) would you suggest listening to in order to get into a Steampunk mood?

Update: I found this along my travels:


CTRWA Fiction Fest 2012

So I did it. I pitched my second novel to five agents at the CTRWA Fiction Fest yesterday. All of the agents were not only professional but so kind.

I’ve worked with agents before but only in a casual way and heavens, never pitched to them.

After 5 years of writer’s block I got over it with my first Steampunk novel, written during NaNoWriMo and then with this current novel.

So I pitched an unheard of sub-genre in Steampunk and 3 agents asked for full manuscripts and 2 asked for partials. So yep, by RWA standards I’m a PRO and by my standards I’ve succeeded by moving past my block. I’ve succeeded in allowing people to read my work. I’ve succeeded in taking critiquing of my work and using what works and leave the rest and not taking it personally.

Everything after this moment is just gravy.


What in the flagnog have I been doing for the last 11 months? Well for this past month I have a few deadlines.

I have until the end of this month to write a 3K word sci-fi story about a woman seeking revenge for the murder of her twin. I’m sending it off to a well known sci-fi publishing house once it’s made all shiny and pretty.

At the same time I’m writing a short synopsis for the 70K+ word novel I’m writing for a writing contest this February. This is a culinary Steampunk Mystery Series that I’ll be pitching to agents as Spring of this year.

Got words of encouragement? Stickers, cookies, truffles or other rewards for goals attained? Let me know!

Goggles and Booth Babes… Oh, the horror!

Recently I cleaned out my basement and I came across a late 19th century typewriter and really wished I had the mind of an engineer. Okay, specifically the mind of Jake von Slatt.

If I had half the ability to do what he does I would make my 2nd Empire Victorian home into a Steampunk living museum. Yes, I know my fellow nerds, that Steampunk is more than the aesthetics, but how else can I show my love? Wearing brass goggles to a job interview is NOT going to work in my favor unless Terri Cunningham of DC/Vertigo Comics has decided to hire me. Yes, I’m looking at you Terri!

Though my hope is to one day work for Vertigo, I know as a writer I must be proactive in making my own breaks so during these next few weeks I’m busy finishing  my latest short story entitled L’Chaim. I want to have it finished, edited, then reedited in time to pitch it to some of every sci-fi geek’s favorite magazines, but mainly I want to have it finished for my mum as a belated birthday present.

L’Chaim touches on the vein of one of her favorite shows, the original Outer Limits, and I thought what better way to say, ‘I love you mom’ than with a sci-fi story with a touch of horror?

It’s amazing that the stories that have come to me have allowed me to pay homage to past influences but also allow me to break free of my own personal writing constraints. I’ve also learned that I write each scene to different types of music, but one constant is when I’m writing an action scene I always have electronic/techno playing on my laptop.

Oh Prodigy, Carl Cox, and NIN, I heart you!

This totally makes for one heck of a soundtrack for each one of my stories. Yes, I actually put a soundtrack together after I finish my stories and then read them in conjunction with my music selections. I wonder if there are other writers that do the same thing. Maybe I’ll ask when I go to the several Conventions that are on my schedule beginning at the end of November until October 2010.

Speaking of conventions, I’m planning my costumes for PhilCon, Comic Con San Diego and in NYC. If I get invited to more in the next 12 months I’m more than happy to oblige someone an experience with my dry humor and my naturally perky disposition.

For my friend, the horror writer, Gary Frank, I’ve offered to be a self-imposed booth babe and dress up in Intuitional Memory garb along with vicious copper tubing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t offer him another character to dress up as because I’m a wimp. What? You ask. How can you, Nerd Grrl, fearsome creature be a wimp?

I’m not into horror.

Ask everyone and they’ll tell you I only watch scary movies if I have it on mute and I’ve activated the closed-caption. It doesn’t seem so scary when you read “AAAAAAHHHHH” instead of hearing the scream. No, really. Try it.

When I bought Gary’s book I decided to read it during my meditation vacation in England. In my tent.  AT NIGHT. Yeah, I got to page 9.

It’s been over a month and I’m still scared. When I saw Gary and his wife recently I asked him if he could go through the book and write in parenthesis, wherever applicable, “This is the scary part coming up.”

He stared at me like I had a stack of pancakes on my head.

I love change and reading outside of my genre is definitely a change I’m willing to make and I’m sure that when I find a few hours to myself I’ll finish the book in its entirety (only 388 pages to go) and be too afraid to sleep.  This should make Gary smile since we both know that it’s all in good horrific fun!