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Nurturing Your Inner Critic

There are many books that explain the process of reworking your work after you’re done with the first draft. I love all the workshops offered including Margie Lawson’s EDITS system. I love highlighters and boy, does this woman show you how to get the most out of them!
I think what makes me amazed is letting go of the inner critic when writing the first draft. It’s the other drafts that I’m looking to speed up my time in cleaning up my manuscript, graphic novel script or short story. In the rewrites, edits, and revisions my inner critic must make a bold, if not dramatic, entrance and stay a while until the manuscript is polished.
I write short books, 65K+ words in five weeks and then choose to spend double that time (or less) on rewrites. This is the time I let my inner critic out. There is no time for my ego or trying to hold my precious paragraph hostage because this is a time I truly want my inner critic to win.
At the moment I have surrendered to my inner critic knowing that its purpose is to serve me and my future reader with a damn fine novel. What about you and your Inner Critic?
What kind of writing do you do? How many rounds of edits, revisions or rewrites do you go through before submitting your work to agents, editors, magazines, etc.?