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L’Chaim is in draft mode

3000 words are done and now for the important part of it all to be done. EDITS! I have 5.5 days to finish it before sending it off to my critique partner to get blue penciled to death. Can I make it in time? Will you hold my hand when I submit my work? Thanks. You always were a good friend. ^.^



What in the flagnog have I been doing for the last 11 months? Well for this past month I have a few deadlines.

I have until the end of this month to write a 3K word sci-fi story about a woman seeking revenge for the murder of her twin. I’m sending it off to a well known sci-fi publishing house once it’s made all shiny and pretty.

At the same time I’m writing a short synopsis for the 70K+ word novel I’m writing for a writing contest this February. This is a culinary Steampunk Mystery Series that I’ll be pitching to agents as Spring of this year.

Got words of encouragement? Stickers, cookies, truffles or other rewards for goals attained? Let me know!