First time I heard that term I was assisting Myra Kornfeld’s cooking class. It defined my cooking style beyond Asian, French, and Louisiana cooking. Making the same dish for a Vegan, Vegetarian and the Meat eater is no easy task. It’s possible, but challenging. I’ve got a dinner I’ll be making tonight that involves Lemon Herbed Chicken and Thai Tofu dish Saturday.

The only thing I can never cook is meat. Is their  hypocritical reason behind this or an inability to prepare a simple Surf & Turf?


I’m allergic to Beef. I’m certain that I drop kicked  cow in one of my past lives.So yes, whenever I make Gumbo the Andouille sausage must be the soy kind.

Music in my head today, no iPod. “I Remember You” by Dorothy Lamore from the film The Fleet’s In


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