So I’m commuting today listening to Daft Punk, David Bowie and Billy Idol and I’m suddenly clear-headed about this blog and where it really wants to go. In the last year since I really blogged I’ve been talking about food and getting to know my eReader and putting in some of my favorite recipes.

I love preparing food, telling stories behind the recipes I’ve created or replicated and my time as a stagiere at a NYC culinary school. The last several years of my life were filled with cooking classes, knife skills courses, weekly meals for clients and now making desserts for a non-profit Meditation Center in South Windsor during special occasions.

So where does this exploration go?

Every cookbook I have (over 4 dozen) have been read and most recipes created from these treasures and all done with good music playing in the background. There’s nothing like playing Susan Tedeschi during a cooking party with friends. For all that I’ve learned-besides cooking from scratch- is that people want to crack open that cookbook, but where should they start? Which recipe is the right one? Which one will take forever and which one is created by the snap of a finger? How many times have you decided to start cooking from a recipe and halfway through realize that you don’t have half the ingredients? Yep, me too.

So this blog has evolved into something that’s about cooking, finding good eats, good music and how to throw a cooking party where no one feels left out. So here I am all drunk off the knowledge that I’ve found my place in this ever growing blog universe. So what’s up next?

I’ve got another opportunity to bake for the Meditation Center. A Love Panel and Chocolate Tasting provided by me, a certified, worked in a true chocolate factory, Chocolatier. What’s on the menu? Something simple.

Chocolate Ravioli’s with Caramel dipping sauce, Chocolate pizza with Raspberry “red” sauce and chocolate chip “Pepperoni” and Classic Chocolate Truffles for purchase

Come and see the finished desserts and get your Meditation on in the same evening.



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