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Giving away your cash? Send me some too!

I’m actually smirking at several batches of underwear in a twist over this new business venture Harlequin has launched.

People, People, please!

If some writers believe that the shortcut will garner them big bucks in publishing then by all means allow them to self-publish to their heart’s content.

Changing the business of the Romance Industry one sucker wanna-be writer at a time.

Goodness knows seasoned writers can’t teach everyone the lessons to be learned about the publishing process, and heaven forbid if lessons on patience, percerverance, and thorough knowledge about the business-side of the industry go ignored. Like my Momma always says:

Hard heads make soft behinds


Ultimate Power Couple

In the afternoons I like to listen to Neil Gaiman in my car and as always make funny faces as I drive and listen.

It must make for great conversation to those that see me at stoplights!

At the moment this is no different than the time I listened to the brilliantly talented Lenny Henry of Chef! fame, read Anansi Boys. It was not unusual for me to get in my car to listen to all the voices of characters that made me smile and grateful I had found the only sanctuary on my property that my little boy can not find me. Wait! He’s in the backseat munching on carrots, pretzels, bagels, grapes, raisins, etc.  (If it’s healthy my kid will eat it.)

Despite the evidence to the contrary I do wish Lenny Henry and Gaiman become a couple so that more audio art can come of their union. I’m just sayin’.