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Fox tv–I couldn’t love you more…so why do you crush my heart?

After a good nights rest I have been given enough time to figure out what was wrong with Fox’s gracious showing the 2-hour pilot Virtuality—it will not be a series!

Who at Fox thought that was a bright idea? In fact who at Fox keeps thinking it’s a good idea to keep taking away all the great sci-fi shows? Don’t let me meet up with them in a dark alley.

Oh Fox Network, I know my bittersweet relationship with you may never end.

It all began with VR.5 in ’95 when you introduced a great concept with Lori Singer playing Sydney Bloom who spends her spare “time playing the latest virtual reality game.” 1 But then you had to hurt the fan that loved you by leaving Sydney Bloom in a VR coma at the end of the series. A coma?! Seriously!

Oh and don’t get me started on the Adventure’s of Brisco County Jr. starring Bruce Campbell and the late Julius Carrey. It was steampunk sci-fi show created by Cuse and Boam—Cuse went on to produce and write for a little show called LOST.

To say my father and I had been big fans is an understatement.  When they took that off the air my poppa and I had a moment of silence. Last year I found out that Fox released ABCjr. on DVD for only $99.


Okay, so I bought 2, one for me and one for poppa. Happy Birth-Anni-Fathers-Xmas-Hannukah Day!

Let’s not forget my fellow Browncoats with the amazing space western Firefly series by Joss Whedon. You had me at “I’ll be in my bunk” but did you care Fox? No. All my fellow Browncoats made it our mission to convert the unknowing to the brilliance of the show but even though we didn’t get our series back we did get a nice feature film called Serenity.

Speaking of Mr. Whedon…

Fox just think of how cool the combination would be on a Friday night if Dollhouse and Virtuality were on back-to-back.

Why must you punish us that prefer well plotted television with developed characters? We fans didn’t mean to like intelligently written shows but that’s what happens when you have common sense.

So who’s with me to get Virtuality a greenlight to be made into a series? If you come up with any ideas I’ll be in my bunk.